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Automation equipment industry market capacity and development trend



China's automation industry market scale, the overall sustained development, with the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure in recent years, the future development prospects of industrial automation technology as one of the important technologies in the field of modern manufacturing in the 21st century, mainly to solve the problem of production efficiency and consistency. Whether high-speed mass manufacturing enterprises or enterprises pursuing flexibility, flexibility and customization, they must rely on the application of automation technology. The Chinese government has clearly included high-end equipment manufacturing in the "Twelfth Five-Year" development plan, and intelligent manufacturing equipment is the key development direction. China is in the middle of industrialization construction, the investment demand for industrial manufacturing equipment is very large, industrial automation equipment, intelligent equipment investment demand is correspondingly large, with the adjustment of China's industrial economic structure and industrial upgrading development, for the domestic industrial automation industry has brought unprecedented market opportunities. In addition, the aging phenomenon of China's population is aggravated, and the shortage of labor population leads to the long-term trend of machine replacement of artificial labor. With the implementation of the policy of "adjusting structure and promoting transformation", automation and intelligence will inevitably become one of the directions of industrial structure optimization and upgrading.

At present, when the global manufacturing industry opens the "Industry 4.0" process, China has also put forward the "industry 2025" plan, industrial automation industry will play a pivotal role in the future development of China's manufacturing industry, the future will still maintain a rapid development rate. Combined with China's industrialization process, the development of automation market will show the following trends:

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