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The importance of feed packaging machine



Feed is food for animals and indirect food for human beings. Its quality and safety is not only related to the healthy growth of animals, but more importantly, the quality of animal products is closely related to human health, that is to say, there is no safe feed, there is no safe livestock products.

The importance of feed safety: China is a big country in animal husbandry and aquaculture, with the annual output of feed ranking second in the world, with an annual output value of more than 100 billion yuan. Feed industry has become a new industry. With the progress of science and technology, China's animal husbandry is developing rapidly in the direction of intensification and industrialization, and the demand for finished feed in the aquaculture industry will increase rapidly, and the demand for feed varieties will be more and more. Feed safety has been more and more people's attention, which put forward higher requirements for feed research and production units, to ensure feed safety, efficient and environmentally friendly is the goal that all enterprises should pursue.

Insist on learning every minute and every second, to progress can not retreat. Packaging machine has been absorbing foreign advanced technology for research and learning, will learn the excellent knowledge of reasonable application to the packaging machine, innovation and improvement of it, so that the equipment as far as possible to create the perfect, so that its comprehensive strength by leaps and strides. We are not only that, but also timely attention to the development of the market changes, consumer demand is constantly changing, so the feed packaging machine to seize the opportunity, to have a long-term vision, adhere to the path of scientific development, only in this way, when the opportunity comes, we will have the full strength to seize this hard-won opportunity.

In view of the overall development of China's current feed industry, it is urgent to improve the scientific and technological content of domestic feed, strictly implement industry production standards, further increase market supervision, standardize the industrial structure, through deepening reform, the implementation of mergers and asset reorganization to achieve the survival of the fittest, so that the feed industry on the scale, improve the grade, to ensure safety, To promote the orderly development of the entire feed industry with high-quality services and market competition, in order to meet the needs of large-scale farming production under modern conditions and the rapid development of people's healthy, assured and safe animals and animal products.

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