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Bangladeshi Food Production Company



Kishwan Company has cooperated with Westernpacking for more than ten years and purchased our multi-head scale particle packaging machine and tomato paste packaging machine etc.. We often visit each other to seek further cooperation and explore potential business opportunities in Bangladesh's industry.

From single row to multi-row, our company has delivered more than 50 machines to the factory, which not only ensures high-quality production, but also enriches the types of bags they can package.

Modhuban in Food Industry

When Modhuban encountered a unique challenge in meeting their packaging needs, they turned to Western Packing’s sales executive for a solution. Hasan-Product Manager "In the past, our company has had experience purchasing packaging equipment from companies outside the United States. We used to buy packaging film raw materials from China. This time, we purchased the packaging film and packaging machine together at wp. When you talk to someone on WhatsApp but don’t know if they really exist. For WP, the situation is exactly the opposite: our representatives have the opportunity to go to the WP factory in person. It's doubly effective when you meet people who are truly committed. After visiting the factory, we reached a good cooperation and trust WP company very much."


PRAN Food-Beverage Company

When PRAN wanted to transition from manual packaging to automated packaging systems, they participated in the 2023 Canton Fair. That's when they approached our sales rep. "When we discussed buying, a lot of companies were enthusiastic and told us over and over again that whatever we needed done, they could take care of it and the price would be great. And we wanted samples, finished bags, test runs, In the end we chose Western packing. The packaging machine went through many trial runs and everything went smoothly. It was a great value for money.” Linton from PRAN.